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I Hate Ross Geller

I LOVE TV. I would say watching TV is a guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I love spending time outdoors, riding my bike, drinking beers with friends (though lately it’s more like rosé #summerwater) but boy oh boy! I love TV.  I am a big fan of binge watching and can watch […]


The whole reason why I started this blog is because I had something specific I wanted to write about and needed somewhere to post it. Like most things in life, things aren’t going exactly as planned. Until then, I felt sad for this lonely page so I thought I might tell you a little bit […]


Oh, gosh. I’m definitely a million years late to the blog game. Do people still blog anymore? I mean, I know that if you have a well curated instagram you probably have a lifestyle blog with a million readers. But, you know, do people actually blog? I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m doing it […]