I Hate Ross Geller


Dan and I as CT and Diem #rip

I LOVE TV. I would say watching TV is a guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I love spending time outdoors, riding my bike, drinking beers with friends (though lately it’s more like rosé #summerwater) but boy oh boy! I love TV.  I am a big fan of binge watching and can watch episode after episode of a single series as long as it’s not too emotionally draining. I also get really invested in the characters. Seriously, really invested. You watch Friday Night Lights and try not to form a strong opinion about Matt Saracen or Vince Howard!! FYI I don’t love all reality tv but MTV’s The Challenge has been candy to me for almost twenty years. I work my butt off,  I’m allowed to lie like vegetables, be a couch potato and watch the boob tube. If you disagree then go read a book. But then can you tell me what you’re reading because I’m always looking for  book suggestions?


Netflix is a wonderful thing. Aside from all of the new material out there, I get to re-watch all of the shows that are too easy. The crock-pot dinners of TV. Set it and forget it. You know the ones. How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Friends. Naturally, the BF and I re-watched all of Friends in a very short time span. When it originally aired you only got to watch one episode a week. Once it hit syndication you could get a few episodes in a row. A solid binge watch gives you a different perspective on things. Friends isn’t meant to be watched as if it’s the longest move ever. It’s supposed to be a half hour a week. Twenty-two minutes without the commercials!

As we plowed through season after season I noticed something a bit extreme: Ross is THE WORST. I mean, I always knew that he was the worst, however, having this repeated exposure to his character really made his flaws glaringly obvious. First there are the things we already knew: he’s a doofus, a mama’s boy, a know it all and really really bad at romantic relationships. Did you ever notice that he was creepy, manipulative, emotionally abusive, and overly controlling in his relationships? That his obsession over Rachel generally stemmed from his high school insecurities that he can’t seem to get over? I think I was too young to process the first time around that any Ross-centric plot line is unbearable. The more curious thing about this is how Ross and Rachael became a symbol of “true love.” Apparently true love is obsessive and jealous. It’s based on lies and secrets and drama. No thanks!

I found Ross as a person to be offensive but interestingly still found Joey hysterical. I think this is because I understood Joey to be a caricature and Ross is too…real. Keep an eye out for it the next time you’re watching! Not everyone agrees with me and that’s ok. Though, I think we can all agree on one thing. At least he’s not Ted Mosby.


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