My favorite mural near the house I grew up in.

The whole reason why I started this blog is because I had something specific I wanted to write about and needed somewhere to post it. Like most things in life, things aren’t going exactly as planned. Until then, I felt sad for this lonely page so I thought I might tell you a little bit about me.

I grew up in an extremely diverse environment

Growing up in Oakland, running around the bay area, and living in an extremely open minded home is the foundation of my perspective. My thoughts, actions, and attitude reflect this.

I’m a half-assed athlete

I’ve always been involved in sports and the like but it’s harder to get motivated when you aren’t being forced to do it! I love riding my bike and rock climbing but also my couch is comfy and it’s cold outside. Or maybe it’s too hot out. Take your pick on the excuse but I do manage to get off my butt somewhat often. Right?

I love food

I love eating and I love cooking. I love eating clean foods that make me feel good and whole; on the other hand, I love Hooter’s chicken wings. This part of why I’m only a half-assed athlete but a life without wings is a life not worth living. I would expand more on the subject but brb, gotta go make a snack.

I’m obsessed with home décor

That accent over “décor” looks pretentious but it autocorrected to that so I’m keeping it. I love making spaces look beautiful and feel welcoming. This means I’m constantly working on some diy project to improve even the smallest detail. This has resulted in some pretty handy skills. Who doesn’t love a woman who can use a power drill? Of course there have been a few casualties along the way, please ignore the patched holes in that one wall.

Check out the studio that my boyfriend and I live in on Apartment Therapy here (though, it looks completely different now).

Another obsession: finding the perfect thing

We all need that thing that will make my life easier or more enjoyable from time to time. I just want to make sure the benefits outweigh the cost. I have been known to spend hours pouring over reviews to find that perfect thing.

If I do continue to update this blog it will likely be about any of the above things. Who knows though, I’m still trying to figure out where this thing is going!


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