IMG_1557Oh, gosh. I’m definitely a million years late to the blog game. Do people still blog anymore? I mean, I know that if you have a well curated instagram you probably have a lifestyle blog with a million readers. But, you know, do people actually blog? I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m doing it right now. When I was younger I always wanted to be the kind of person who kept a journal or a diary. I would force myself to try and write each night, reflecting on the day, only to give up after my third entry. I did, however, recently find a “note” that I wrote on facebook that was basically chain mail. One of those “25 random things about me” posts. Four of the 25 things I wrote about myself were complete lies, I guess I thought that was funny. I deleted it because it wasn’t funny. If you’ve been on facebook for at least 10 years I highly suggest you dig around for the notes section. It’s a gold mine, there’s some gooood throwback stuff in there!

It’s not that I don’t think I’m interesting. Are you saying you don’t think you’re interesting? You’re human, of course you do. I just don’t have that much to write about. Except right now! And no, this isn’t it. There are a few things I want to post about and we’ll take it from there.

I was thrilled to find out the urban dictionary definition of my initials. The top definition though, don’t bother scrolling down to look at the others. Sounds like a good blog name to me!


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